Heartwarming words from happy clients of Eran Katz’s seminars and workshops … …

Hong-Ryul Lee, Director, World Science Forum

Dear Mr. Eran Katz,

We would like to convey our deepest gratitude and sincere appreciation for your valuable contribution as an invited speaker to World Science Forum 2008 Seoul held in Seoul, Korea, from April 28 to 30, 2008.

We are pleased to inform you that there were over 2,842 participants at our Forum. The response from our audience was overwhelmingly positive, and there are even some students who have written to us saying that they have decided to study neuroscience as their major after listening to your lecture.

The Forum could not have succeeded without your commitment, and again, we thank you very much for your active participation and positive support which made the Congress a more rewarding and fruitful event for our participants.

As you may well know, World Science Forum will be held annually in Korea to bring special science closer to the general public. We would greatly appreciate it if you give us your valuable advice and suggestion for the growth of the Forum in future.

We look forward to further opportunities to meet you in near future and in the meantime, we wish you all the best.


Hong-Ryul Lee
Director, World Science Forum
Director, Coverage Division News Center, YTN

Kanthati Suphamongkon, 39th Foreign Minister of Thailand

“Eran’s books and methods are necessary for anyone who wishes to reach high levels of Success”

Bill Schultz, CEO, Coca-Cola Co., South Pacific Asia

“Your seminar was a wonderful combination of entertainment and valuable efficient methods”

Tan Tan Hee, Sales Partners – Malaysia EK_Testimony_TanTangHee

Eran’s workshop in memory is the most fascinating workshop on human memory! Eran not only showed us how he can remember 20-number strings, but he also showed us his secret formula! Amazing! However, the most important thing I took home was how to remember people’s names and faces. This would definitely help me avoid those embarrassing situations when I don’t remember people’s names although I have met them so many times!

I highly recommend Eran’s course for all people, especially important for people in sales and marketing where remembering people is so important.”

Yours sincerely,
Tan Tang Hee
Sales Partners, Malaysia

Liad Or, Chairperson of Tel Aviv University Student Association

“Voted most popular and beloved workshop by our students for the past three years”

Mariano. A. Davis, CEO, Oxford School of Languages

“Eran is a magician, spreading his practical magic to students. Students attending his workshops become optimistic and inspired that success is at the reach of their hands”

Chen Zuoyi, Beijing Huiwen High School. Beijing, China

“I am constantly using Eran’s techniques and I highly recommend his seminar to anyone who wants to take his abilities to the limit”

Jason Han – Design Engineer, Creative Technology

EK_Testimony_JasonHan I always like to meet people but remembering names is a big challenge for me. In my line of work, I associate myself with businessmen, investors, tenants, lawyers, agents and bankers.

How would the other party feel if I’ve forgotten their name? What is the likelihood of getting a deal done with them?

After attending Eran Katz’s Super Power Memory program, I realized I actually have a good memory. I just require a system to remember and recall stuff. Having  learned a few simple techniques, I am able to remember my tenants’ names much easier now.

One of my tenants’ name is Shaifudin and he is not shy. His wife is Julie and she doesn’t sell biscuit. The above is just one of the few simple techniques I’ve learn to remember better. I’ll definitely to practice more after learning Eran’s techniques.”

Lim Chong How – Engineer, Jurong Shipyard

Yes! It really work!!

James Ong Kim Hwa

“Attending Erans Katz course was really an eye-opening.
Its uses your right side of the brain to remember things and also anything that are on-hands.
It is practical and has a system to follow.
Its really like what you see in the Karate Kid Movie where Jackie Chan told Will Smith’s Son “every parts is “Kungfu”
High recommended to those who are really interested to improve their memories.
For me I have really benefits a lot from this courses and I believe I will be able to apply through my course of life and work.”

Stephen SK Tan

Eran is a good teacher, I have learnt 3 important aspect from his Super Memory Brain Power workshop:
– We can have a Super Brain and Memory power when we take action.
– Association technique use must be reinforce before it can go into our long term memory.
– There is a technique for learning and remembering boring or difficult subject.