Remember Everything In a Crisis for Security Personnel

Often, security personnel have to make split second decisions based on scant information and fast changing scenarios on the ground.

Recognizing a known felon, remembering a modus operandi, or even something as simple as a name can make the difference between timely action and disaster.

Whether in the Military, Police or Corporate Security; the ability to recall key facts, names, faces and being able to quickly assess and decide on a course of action are all critical to operational success.

Here is what you will be learning in this Seminar:


  • Assess your attention and concentration abilities to enhance your level of sharpness and productivity at 3 levels:
  • Divided Attention – better multi tasking and fast concentration.
  • Selective Vigilance Attention – maintaining concentration for a sustained periods of time
  • Filtering and Focusing – choosing what’s important and ignoring distractions.
  • How to remember tasks, thoughts and ideas better and easier
  • Learn and implement the association system, the Roman Room system and the Body system


  • Develop a faster way of thinking creatively and solving problems efficiently – a must for security and law enforcement professionals.
  • Discover what’s common among Nobel Prize Winners. Case study provided.

Test case various methods and learn how to overcome stressful failures and how to advance from failure to outstanding achievement without losing enthusiasm.


How to remember 40 digits in one minute (from the beginning to the end and from the end to the beginning!). Not only will Eran demonstrate his Guinness record stunt , he will provide a formula where you learn how to remember serial numbers, license plates, formulas and long numbers using the ancient Jewish system of Gematria.


  • Recall every face, every name – every time.
  • Learn about Jaque Pienri’s (Chief of the French Police) discovery on what witnesses can remember from a suspect’s appearance, and make use of his method.
  • Imprint names in your long-term memory – The Pinocchio Method, The Icon Method, Napoleon’s technique, The Twin Effect & more.


Learn any language in a month, talk without fear and double the speed you learn new vocabulary.


A short test that will prove the efficiency of the seminar and the new, outstanding abilities participant have acquired.

Who Should Attend?

The purpose of the seminar is the help security personnel gain a clear understanding of how to quickly capture key facts, scenarios, faces and other details. Also, quick decision making and scenario assessments are critical to tactical success. Both the Public and the Private sectors can benefit from this Seminar:

Public sector

Military, Police and other law enforcement and terrorism teams, detectives, investigators. Also for those involved in anti-terrorism committees or teams like customs, immigration, secret service, and other intelligence bodies.

Private sector

Security managers, facilities risk and emergency managers, security-related companies, in-house security teams: Hotel, Hospitals, Shopping Centers, Universities, Factories, Warehouses, VIP Body Guards, etc.


Eran is a Guinness Book of Records holder for the longest string of number memorised. Before a live audience, he demonstrates how he can recite 500 numbers after hearing them once. On top of that, he can recite these numbers backward.

Eran Katz is a renowned board member of IBREA – The International Brain Education Association. An eloquent speaker and teacher in the memory and intelligence sphere, Eran has given more than 1700 entertaining lectures and seminars all around the world to more than 200,000 audience. Notably, Eran has spoken United Nations Brain Education conference, toured many countries and is an appointed trainer for many security agencies and multinational corporations

He has written several books on memory which have been translated into many languages. His new book “You Shall Remember This – Ancient Memory Techniques That have Withstood the Test of Time” will be published by Random House in 2010.

Eran is an Appointed Trainer of the following Security Organisations:

  • The Israeli secret services (The Mossad)
  • The Israeli police force
  • The Israeli Counter Terrorism Unit & Hostage Negotiation Special Task Force
  • Elbit military industries
  • Raphael-Advanced Defense Systems
  • Singapore Government
  • Thai Government

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