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24 Nov 2012 for Executives – ‘Your Miracle Mind – From Nothing to Everything’ Seminar for PMEBs

Eran Katz's 'Your Miracle Mind - From Nothing to Everything' Seminar

WHY should you maximize & leverage on your Miracle Mind?

Memory Master - Eran Katz

Many millionaires share common traits. They harness the immense power of their brain and have a great memory! To scale the corporate ladder or to make it big in the business scene, are you taking advantage of your strongest and most efficient tool – YOUR BRAIN?? PMEBs who have trained their brain and memory can easily transform simple tasks into outstanding achievements. They are poised to scale the career ladder and watch their income grow FASTER.

WHAT You’ll Definitely BENEFIT …

Develop unique brain skills which will increase efficiency, strengthen interpersonal connections, save valuable time, reduce unnecessary stress and transform your memory into an amazing tool in every aspect of your life.

Do past failures make you feel insecure? Are you afraid to reach for the stars? The burden of the past and its impact on our future; how negative experiences create negative setbacks and prevent us from succeeding.

Make the right decision… in 2 minutes! Based on scientific research. Why do rational people believe that they can beat the casino? Can we create a mental mechanism to avoid making fatal mistakes in the future? You will learn the technique here.

The ingredients that create luck… Is luck related to destiny? What is the difference between lucky people and unlucky ones You will learn The Art of Creating Luck and Prosperity for yourself and others.

Impactful Presentations without notes – Even if you were asked to make a last minute business presentation, you will succeed in wow-ing your audience with large amounts of information conveyed in a convincing, comprehensive, effective and logical manner.


Upgrade Your Brain Performance Eliminate distractions and time wasters and stay on the track to success The Art of Paying Attention, being interested and developing organizing skills | Improve concentration and develop razor sharp attention| Overcome memory blocks and eliminate distractions |The Art of Enthusiasm |The Basic Association System

Ride Above Tides How to rise above stressful failures, lack of energy and loss of self confidence; and to advance from failure to outstanding achievement without losing enthusiasm.

Super Memory Magic – Advanced methods to remember daily tasks, information & presentations without technology aid
The Roman Room System |The Body System

Master the Ceremony – How to sell yourself, your ideas and your products at a 90% ROI rate Learn how to remember and deliver eloquent speeches and anecdotes with ease and impress an audience without needing power points or technical accessories.

Super Achiever’s Armour Building rapport is critical to be a successful PMEB. To stand before a group in any setting and remember everyone’s name immediately is a prerequisite for any successful executive. You will generate motivation and admiration among your clients, colleagues and friends by remembering faces and recalling names easily. Learn The Pinocchio Method| The Icon Method| The Napoleon Technique| The Twin Effect and more.

Super Language Power Traveling for business and you don’t know the language there? No fret, you can learn any language in a month, talk without fear and double the speed at which you learn the vocabulary that generate success. Eran shares that you need only 600 words to understand 75.6% of any foreign newspaper. He will show you how to use a special technique to learn these words super fast!

Eran is an entertaining speaker and no one will fall asleep during his lectures! Take a look at Eran in Action at the United Nations’ Brain Education Seminar:

WHO is Eran Katz?

Eran Katz is a Israeli Guinness Book of Records holder for the longest string of numbers memorised. Before a live audience, he demonstrated how he can recite 500 numbers after hearing them once. And on top of that, he can recite these numbers backwards.

He is an eloquent speaker and teacher in the memory and intelligence sphere. Memory is a skill that can be trained and improves with practise, that is Eran’s firm belief. About 200,000 people around the world have attended one of the 1700 entertaining lectures and seminars he has delivered

He has written several books on memory which have been translated into many languages. His book ” Where did Noah Park the Ark” was published in Sept 2010 and is now on the best selling lists in many major bookstores around the world – including Singapore’s Kinokuniya, Times and Popular.

Eran has spoken in the United Nations Brain Education conference and The Korean Brain Institute and consulted with many top corporations in the world like IBM, Oracle, Coca-Cola, etc.

More information of Eran Katz can be found here

If you like to hear what people said about Eran Katz, you can read their comments here

Program Details:
Date: Sat 24 Nov 2012
Time: 2pm – 5.30pm
Venue: Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce Level 2



Executive Web Special (General Seating): S$198.

Click the above links to go to the Online Registration Page.

Package (bulk discount): Contact Us for more information.

Alternatively, you can Write cheque to VERSA CREATIONS PTE LTD and mail to 19 Kim Keat Road #08-10/11 Singapore 328804

Tel: 62503882 Fax: 62502110 Email: seminar(AT)versacreations(DOT)com

Kindly remember to state the Name of the Seminar you are signing up for and the number of tickets paid for together with your contact information.


NOTE: TAX DEDUCTION FOR COMPANIES SPONOSRING EMPLOYEES: For examples of how companies can send employees for Eran Katz’s training and SAVE MONEY, check out

24 Nov 2012 for STUDENTS – Eran Katz ‘Instant Super Memory for Students’ Lecture

Have a head start in 2013 with Eran Katz

The success of Eran Katz’s Super Student Success Seminar in December 2009,  June 2010 and May 2011  has many people calling for Eran to come back to Singapore. Good news!Memory Master - Eran Katz

Eran will be back with his new “Instant Super Memory Lecture for Students” on 24 Nov 2012 from 9am to 12pm.

Once again, we are expecting a larger crowd, so, do sign up early to avoid disappointment.

Eran has written many books about improving memory and he firmly believes that good memory is a skill that can be learnt and that it gets better with practice.

Why should Students Learn Memory Mastery?

  • Improve Grades in test and examinations
  • Increase Confidence – remembering facts and formula will no longer be a problem
  • Reduce anxiety and frustration when learning is made easier
  • Reduce unnecessary hours of mugging
  • Improve social interaction when you remember things easily
  • Learn the Art of “Artificial Enthusiasm” and how it can help you
  • Understand why Stress Reduces learning ability
  • Create “Memory Stories” to have unaided memory recall
  • Techniques of association and other memory tricks
  • Improve Sleep Quality – no nightmares!

Eran is an entertaining speaker and everyone enjoys learning his memory techniques in a fun-filled manner! Just take a look at Eran in action at the United Nations’ Brain Education Seminar:

Mr July Tan, father and professional tutor had this to share after attending last year’s “The Super Student Success Seminar” on 2 Dec 2009:

“Mr Katz has impressed me thoroughly with his memory skills and bubbly presentation. As a father, I’m sure he can empower today’s children to the next level study skills.”

Madam Zainah, a caregiver whose wards attended the Seminar in November 2010, said

“I am very happy too, seeing the faces of our children coming back from the seminar. I knew instantly that they had benefited from it. They were enthusiastically telling me all about it with joy in their faces. They told me that it was the best seminar of all, even for those who had gone last year. They said it was terrific.”

You can read more testimonial at this page

Eran Katz's Instant Super Memory For Students LectureSkyrocket Your Exam Grades

With loads of humor, exciting and surprising Eran Katz reveals extraordinary techniques to boost memory power, develop efficient (yet fun) studying habits and successfully achieve your study goals.

Learn and practice fool-proof techniques for easy recall WAY before Examinations! Here is an outline of some of the exciting things that students will learn:

PART A: From “Monkey Student” to “Student Sapiens”– the “Smart Memory” approach for conventional students.

PART B: Becoming a Super Student – the Golden Trail for Effective Learning

  • Class Conquest ( the Art of Listening, super note taking and participating)
  • Revolutionary learning styles – Hugo’s maneuver, the Jewish Socratic method & more
  • The Art of Artificial Enthusiasm – How to learn things that aren’t interesting. The Jewish Yeshiva example
  • The Birta Effect – How to avoid procrastination and manage the time you need to prepare the exams
  • Test Preparation – How to prepare final exams, organisation techniques, combating test panic and exam PR – the 10 Greatest Exam Success Tips

Part C: Becoming a Super Student with a Super Memory

Witness amazing memory stunts … and do them YOURSELF!

Performed by Eran Katz himself, the Guinness Record Holder provides students the proof that they can DIY memory stunts themselves. Learn and practice fool-proof techniques for efficient recall of:

  • Lectures, articles and loads of written materials for exams
  • Facts, quotes, data and general information
  • Foreign vocabulary, concepts and terms
  • Formulas and Mathematical equations … and more

Part D: Winning the Nobel Prize – How to Achieve Inspiration

Put on your “Superman Outfit” – take your ambition and inspiration to the next level. Discover the 4 common principles Nobel Prize winners share and make use of them after graduation.

Program Details:

Date: Sat 24 Nov 2012

Time: 9am – 12pm

Venue: Chinese Chamber of Commerce Level 2



Student Web Special (General Seating): S$138

Family Package: S$690 for SIX tickets (Buy 5 get 1 free).

Click on the above links to go to the online registration page.

Alternatively, you can Write cheque to VERSA CREATIONS PTE LTD and mail to 19 Kim Keat Road #08-10/11 Fu Tsu Building Singapore 328804

For School Package (bulk discount): CALL Tel: 6250 3882 or FAX: 6250 2110 for more information.

Note: The Trainer reserves the rights to make alternation to the syllabus covered in the lecture to the best interest of the audience without advance notice

Eran Katz Successful Visit to Singapore – May 2011

UPDATE – 6 May 2014Mr Eran Katz will be coming back to Singapore sometime in 2014. Contact Us to be placed on reservation list.

On behalf of Eran Katz, we would like to thank everyone who has contributed to making Eran’s visit to Singapore in May 2011 a roaring success. Here are some of the highlights!

Interview with Michelle Martin on 938Live! in Singapore:

Eran Katz Radio Interview at 938LiveEran had a really nice time in the studio, playing with the microphone and trying to look cool in front of the sophisticated and poised Michelle Martin of 938Live!

During the show, Michelle asked Eran a lot of tough questions about getting a good memory. Worse, she wanted him to solve the problem that she has been having for years… trying to remember where she parked her car. Fortunately for Eran, Michelle had a copy of his latest book “Where Did Noah Park The Ark?” and he quickly pointed out a few strategies for her.

Eran also gave away 2 tickets for his seminar worth almost S$500 each for two lucky listeners. It was a great interview and Michelle even agreed to take a photo with Eran!

Interviews with NOQ and NTUC Lifestyle

Eran Katz Interview with NOQ and NTUC LifestyleThis trip, while in Singapore, Eran managed to find the time to meet up with the editors from NOQ the online bookstore and NTUC Lifestyle, the members’ magazine.

For the first time, Eran has a book published in English and it was a great opportunity for him to talk about “Where Did Noah Park The Ark” with these two lovely editors. For the longest time, Eran’s books have been available in 12 different languages, but none of them in English.

Eran was able to share some of his memory tips and also, it was a great opportunity for him to gain a little more exposure in Singapore. Hopefully, he will like it here so we can have him around more often!

Click here to read his interview with NOQ.


Eran Katz @ Kinokuniya

The book signing event at Kinokuniya over at Takashimaya was a roaring success!

Eran Katz Book Signing at KinokuniyaEven before the event started, people were picking up his books from the table. As with all in-store events, there was not much room and the aisles were packed with people. Not only was Eran able to wow the audience with his numbers memory stunt, he was also there in person to answer some difficult memory challenges that the audience faced.

But most importantly, Eran was on hand to personally sign the books. Any book lover will tell you, having an autographed copy gives you that special feeling that cannot be articulated.

The fact that Eran emphasized – ANYONE can do those memory stunts if they were willing to learn the techniques and put them into practice, really astounded the audience.

Eran Katz Super Student Success Seminar

Eran Katz Super Student Success SeminarEvery time Eran comes to Singapore, we all will look forward to his very exciting Super Student Success Seminar.

This year, it was no different. Eran addressed a room packed with students, parents and even teachers who were intent on hearing him share his insights into becoming a successful student. Eran believes that developing super memory skills will help students gain confidence and hence, be able to enjoy school life more.

Always engaging, Eran is able to share his skills and techniques in a fun and interesting manner. His demonstrations of super memory skills not only inspired the audience, it provided irrefutable proof that the methods taught actually do work.

Everyone walked away with something of value. And it is Eran’s hope that they will thereafter find an easier and more pleasant journey through their school life.

Remember Everything In a Crisis for Security Personnel

Often, security personnel have to make split second decisions based on scant information and fast changing scenarios on the ground.

Recognizing a known felon, remembering a modus operandi, or even something as simple as a name can make the difference between timely action and disaster.

Whether in the Military, Police or Corporate Security; the ability to recall key facts, names, faces and being able to quickly assess and decide on a course of action are all critical to operational success.

Here is what you will be learning in this Seminar:


  • Assess your attention and concentration abilities to enhance your level of sharpness and productivity at 3 levels:
  • Divided Attention – better multi tasking and fast concentration.
  • Selective Vigilance Attention – maintaining concentration for a sustained periods of time
  • Filtering and Focusing – choosing what’s important and ignoring distractions.
  • How to remember tasks, thoughts and ideas better and easier
  • Learn and implement the association system, the Roman Room system and the Body system


  • Develop a faster way of thinking creatively and solving problems efficiently – a must for security and law enforcement professionals.
  • Discover what’s common among Nobel Prize Winners. Case study provided.

Test case various methods and learn how to overcome stressful failures and how to advance from failure to outstanding achievement without losing enthusiasm.


How to remember 40 digits in one minute (from the beginning to the end and from the end to the beginning!). Not only will Eran demonstrate his Guinness record stunt , he will provide a formula where you learn how to remember serial numbers, license plates, formulas and long numbers using the ancient Jewish system of Gematria.


  • Recall every face, every name – every time.
  • Learn about Jaque Pienri’s (Chief of the French Police) discovery on what witnesses can remember from a suspect’s appearance, and make use of his method.
  • Imprint names in your long-term memory – The Pinocchio Method, The Icon Method, Napoleon’s technique, The Twin Effect & more.


Learn any language in a month, talk without fear and double the speed you learn new vocabulary.


A short test that will prove the efficiency of the seminar and the new, outstanding abilities participant have acquired.

Who Should Attend?

The purpose of the seminar is the help security personnel gain a clear understanding of how to quickly capture key facts, scenarios, faces and other details. Also, quick decision making and scenario assessments are critical to tactical success. Both the Public and the Private sectors can benefit from this Seminar:

Public sector

Military, Police and other law enforcement and terrorism teams, detectives, investigators. Also for those involved in anti-terrorism committees or teams like customs, immigration, secret service, and other intelligence bodies.

Private sector

Security managers, facilities risk and emergency managers, security-related companies, in-house security teams: Hotel, Hospitals, Shopping Centers, Universities, Factories, Warehouses, VIP Body Guards, etc.


Eran is a Guinness Book of Records holder for the longest string of number memorised. Before a live audience, he demonstrates how he can recite 500 numbers after hearing them once. On top of that, he can recite these numbers backward.

Eran Katz is a renowned board member of IBREA – The International Brain Education Association. An eloquent speaker and teacher in the memory and intelligence sphere, Eran has given more than 1700 entertaining lectures and seminars all around the world to more than 200,000 audience. Notably, Eran has spoken United Nations Brain Education conference, toured many countries and is an appointed trainer for many security agencies and multinational corporations

He has written several books on memory which have been translated into many languages. His new book “You Shall Remember This – Ancient Memory Techniques That have Withstood the Test of Time” will be published by Random House in 2010.

Eran is an Appointed Trainer of the following Security Organisations:

  • The Israeli secret services (The Mossad)
  • The Israeli police force
  • The Israeli Counter Terrorism Unit & Hostage Negotiation Special Task Force
  • Elbit military industries
  • Raphael-Advanced Defense Systems
  • Singapore Government
  • Thai Government

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